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Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric :...
10 USD / Meters

Suiting Fabric

Suiting Fabric :...
2 USD / Meters

cotton greige fabric

Cotton Fabric :...
2 USD / Meters

Printed Polyester Fabric

Polyester Fabric :...
3.00-4.00 USD / Meters

Denim Fabric

Denim Fabric : 4oz...
Price On Request

Maroon Dress Material

Dress materials...
5-55 USD / Pieces

Nylon Sportswear Fabric

Sportswear Fabric : ...
Price On Request

Cotton Shirting Fabric

Shirting Fabric :...
160 INR / Meters

 Premium Suppliers

  • Adarsh Synthetics Private Limited
  • Airspun Synthetics Pvt Ltd
  • Maher Textiles
  • Boyteks Tekstil
  • R.M. International
  • Yashanis Overseas
  • Anubha Fabrics Private Limited
  • Shrijee Lifestyle Private Limited
  • Narayan TexFab Private Limited
  • Janki Overseas

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